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Committed to fostering psychological health and safety, we specialize in crafting customized strategies and delivering transformative training. At the heart of our values is a dedication to creating workplaces where everyone not only survives but truly thrives. Join us on this journey toward a new era of workplace wellbeing.

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Get to know the faces behind Thriving Workplaces. Our team of experts is united by a passion for creating mentally healthy, thriving workplaces.

Brandy Zimmerman (she/her), CEO & Founder

I empower teams to conquer stress and burnout, fostering mental health, resilience, and job satisfaction. Equipping individuals with tools for self-care, I address underlying factors affecting Mental Health at Work. Drawing on personal experience as a leader navigating challenges, I understand the importance of a supportive work environment. Let's collaborate to create a tailored strategy for your workplace, ensuring a thriving and mentally healthy team.

Kolbi Cameron (she/her), Client Services Director

Passionate about workplace mental health, I specialize in empowering leaders with tools for team well-being. Certified in the National Standard of Psychological Health & Safety, I enhance happiness, resilience, and productivity in Canadian workplaces. Focused on not-for-profits, I aim to create fulfilling work environments. Based in rural Alberta, I unwind with my four rescue dogs, true crime podcasts, video games, and porch chats with a cat. Having navigated high-stress roles, I'm dedicated to showcasing that mental health challenges can coexist with workplace success.

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