These are 90-minute live and interactive workshops for your team on a selected topic supporting individual mental health and well-being in the workplace.

We can also combine two topics into a half-day workshop for your team.

These sessions can be recorded, and you’ll have access to a copy afterwards, which you can use for on-going training and support, or to share with people who weren’t able to attend live.

Popular session topics include:

  • Talking about Mental Health at Work
  • Beating Stress and Burnout at Work
  • Managing Workload and Expectations
  • Building your Best Self
  • Building Connection in a Remote or Hybrid Work Environment
  • Dealing with Stress and Uncertainty
  • Mental Health during Covid19
  • Having Difficult Conversations at Work

In my experience, it's best to book two or more workshops as part of an on-going training and support strategy, and to increase the "stickiness" factor for your team.

It also gives your team a chance to practice what they've learned, and ask follow-up questions.

Each session includes a workbook for participants, interactive polls throughout the training, and an Executive Review on the session.

Video On-Demand Courses

While having in-person, synchronous training is great, the rubber really hits the road when we think about how we can apply those learnings to our own lives and in our own workplaces. The video-on-demand series offers short (10-15 minute) tips and strategies on how to use the tools and skills to look after our own mental well-being, in a way that fits our unique personalities. Use as a stand-alone training, or as a follow-up to the live training.

Curated Tips Delivered Directly to Your Team

Sign up for a series of curated, high-impact tips delivered directly to your team’s email inbox or Slack channel. You can choose your frequency of messages, and we’ll work together to pick the topics that will have the most impact for your team.

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