Past Talks on the Future of Wellbeing

Thriving Workplaces has had the opportunity to speak to thousands of Canadians about workplace mental health. 

Leadership skills and tools

Organizational strategies for workplace mental health

Workload management and burnout prevention

Embedding psychological health and safety in OHS 

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About our Facilitators

Get to know the faces behind Thriving Workplaces. Our team of experts is united by a passion for creating mentally healthy, thriving workplaces.

Thriving Workplaces Past Speaking Events

See where we've shared expertise on enhancing workplace mental health. From impactful talks to engaging workshops, discover the transformative insights that have empowered organizations to foster a culture of well-being and resilience.

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Evolve 2023 - CPHR Alberta
We shared actionable strategies to address workplace stress and overwhelm, ways to shift from stressed-busy to calm-busy, manage energy effectively, enhance focus and productivity, boost engagement, and foster a psychologically safe culture.


Working Stronger 2023 - CMHA Alberta Division
As we transitioned from pandemic to endemic, a new era of 'the great contemplation' emerges. Our interactive session explored factors influencing mental well-being at work and collaboratively envisioned a future workplace that prioritizes holistic support and resilience.


Working Together 2022 - CMHA Manitoba
In this session, participants discovered practical solutions rooted in the 13 Factors impacting workplace mental health and the National Standard for Psychological Health & Safety, tailored to immediate needs.


Utility Safety Partners Conference
In this customized workshop for Utility Safety Partners, "The Mindful Workload" demystified the concept of workload. We delved into the distinctions between reasonable and unreasonable demands, understanding how workload management directly impacts psychological health, safety, and workplace mental health.

Upcoming Events

Check back frequently for upcoming conferences, panels and presentations Thriving Workplaces is delivering across the country.

Feedback from participants

Brandy is very down to earth and shares real insights about workplace mental health.

Conference Participant
CPHR Evolve 2023

Kolbi has a great facilitation style that gets the conversation going and gave my leaders real-world tools they can continue to use every day.

Human Resource Director
Not-for-profit Sector, Leadership Training Participant

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