The largest risk to our employee’s mental health isn’t what you might think.

It’s not how much paid time off our team gets or even how much we provide them in employee and family assistance or benefits programs.

The biggest threat to our mental health at work? Workload. 

We've been listening to our clients, and we understand the struggles they and their teams are facing. It's become increasingly difficult to juggle the essentials like check-ins, reporting, and addressing mental health concerns. The culprit? Overwhelming workloads that are leaving everyone stretched thin.

What's more, the burden of leading by example has never been heavier. Your leadership team is facing its own demanding workloads, which often leads to neglecting vital aspects of the job. We get it; there's an abundance of tasks, and everything seems to scream "urgent" or "top priority." Perhaps you're unaware of the full extent of the problem, or maybe you're uncertain about the most effective way to tackle it.

We're here to introduce the Mindful Workload Strategy

The Mindful Workload Strategy is a holistic approach tailored to alleviate the challenges you're currently facing. Our mission is to streamline your work processes, pinpoint areas with excessive workloads, optimize resource allocation, and balance manager-employee ratios.

What is a Mindful Workload Strategy? 

The Mindful Workload Strategy is a comprehensive solution addressing the pressing challenges of workload management in today's dynamic workplaces.

Tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations, it empowers leaders to overcome obstacles hindering basic tasks like check-ins and mental health support for their teams, while learning to manage their own energy levels and encourage psychologically safe practices.

This strategy not only identifies workload pinch points but offers actionable recommendations, ensuring effective resource utilization. With options ranging from analysis to implementation and strategy development, it equips leaders with the skills to prioritize tasks, engage in vital conversations, and cultivate thriving workplaces. 

By fostering a mindful approach to workloads and energy management, this strategy paves the way for improved productivity, mental well-being, and a workplace culture where both leaders and teams can thrive.

Outcomes you can expect from the Mindful Workload Strategy

Enhanced mental health results from proactive workload management, freeing time and capacity to address concerns. This reduces employee stress, minimizes burnout, and promotes a happier, healthier workplace.


Boost leadership skills, providing effective task prioritization and fostering meaningful conversations about workload. This cultivates resilience and contributes to a healthier work environment.

Say goodbye to constant complaints about overwhelming workloads and not having enough time to get things done. With the Mindful Workload Strategy, your organization will experience a remarkable boost in productivity.

What sets our Mindful Workload Strategy apart from the rest?

It's all about value. The Mindful Workload Strategy makes sure your organization has everything you need to address workload and improve psychological health and safety and mental wellbeing at work. 

What you can expect to get from a Mindful Workload Strategy

  • Clear Identification of Pinch Points: We'll pinpoint those troublesome spots in your workload management, making sure nothing goes unnoticed.
  • Recommendations and Prioritization: We won't just identify issues; we'll guide you on the actions you need to take to address workload management challenges effectively.
  • Coaching and Guidance: Our expert team will provide coaching and guidance, ensuring that you and your team can smoothly initiate and maintain the Mindful Workload Strategy.
  • Healthy Workplace Culture: Our strategy fosters a workplace culture where your team feels in control of their workload, safe from psychological risks due to overwork, and supported in maintaining work-life balance.
  • Mental Health and Resilience: Your team will be mentally healthier and better equipped to manage the stresses and challenges that come their way.
  • Employer-of-Choice Status: With our support, you can bolster your reputation as an employer-of-choice, attracting and retaining top talent.

It's time to tackle the workload management challenges head-on

Discover the incredible benefits of a Mindful Workload Strategy. Let us help you transform your organization into a thriving, resilient, and highly productive place of work.

Ready to get started? Contact us at Thriving Workplaces today, and let's book a call to discuss how we can help. 

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