Has a sticking point become a stopping point?

Do you ever have that problem where you don’t know where to start so you just….don’t?

You know you should do something but it seems like a big project and you’ve been putting it off for so long that it seems even more daunting. 

Maybe you’re sure it won’t be so hard once you get started but finding that starting point will take more time and energy than you have bandwidth for?

You also know that it’s worth doing. It’ll make a big difference for you and your organization. 

I’ve been there. 

Sometimes it feels easier to ignore it, but problems don’t go away by being ignored. 

They tend to get bigger.

I can’t help directly with the number of emails you’re wading through or how to get out of the fifth virtual meeting of the day.

If you’re looking for ways to help you and your team dodge burnout and build Mental Health at Work so you can stay at the top of your game (or at least make it through the next couple months in one piece), I’ve got you covered.

I’ve been hearing from a lot of folks, just like you, who know they need to do something to support their team’s mental health, especially these days. 

They don’t have the bandwidth to figure it out themselves, and they’re not in a position to take on a long-term commitment or big project.

They need something quick and it needs to be tailored to their organization and their immediate needs.

I hear you. These are tough times, and there are many demands on your time, your energy, and your funds.

I’ve got two options that will work for you, depending on what you need.

Option 1 - Expert On-Call

Sometimes you just need a bit of advice to make sure you’re on the right track. Whether you're developing a Wellness Strategy or navigating a tricky challenge in the workplace, advice from a trusted guide can make a world of difference. 

I offer one-time and on-going support to you. On-going support includes a scheduled monthly 1:1 call, and as-you-need-it support by email and phone.

Option 2 - Leadership Training Bundle

Leaders set the tone for your whole organization.

They need the skills and strategies to navigate these difficult times.

This is a 4-session training program for leaders – Executives, Managers, Supervisors and Team Leads – who want the tools and skills to help their team do their best work, in a way that builds mental health, strong culture, and resilience.

We’ll customize your training for your organization’s needs. Popular topics include: 

  • How to navigate conversations about mental health and mental wellness at work
  • The role of leadership in fighting stress and burnout
  • Workload Management: doing more with less without burning out yourself or your team
  • Building work/life balance for your team without compromising productivity
  • How to navigate change and uncertainty
  • Building engagement and team connection in a remote or hybrid work environment
  • Tools and strategies for leading in today’s work environment.

I also provide a 30-minute 1:1 mentoring session with each leader in the cohort to address particular concerns in their team, with the option to add On-Going Expert On-Call support.


You and I both know that the risk of burnout and supporting your team’s mental well-being isn’t a problem that’s going to solve itself.

If anything, it’ll get worse if you leave it.

I’ll give you the tools and strategies you need - for you and your team. 

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