Becoming a Resilient Leader

As we move past 2020 and into the New Year, are you thinking about building resilience, mental well-being and productivity?

If we’ve learned anything from the last year, it’s the value of mental health and resilience in helping our teams be better able to do their jobs, no matter what happens.

So often, when I talk to Leaders, they know this work is important, but they don’t know where to start.

Resilient Leaders, Resilient Teams fills that gap.

Resilient Leaders, Resilient Teams is a four-week leadership program that is all about helping people like you build your team’s resilience, productivity and mental health – even in today’s work environment.

It’s a small group, hands-on program to equip leaders with the tools they need to lead and manage their teams in a way that beats stress and burnout, so everyone is mentally healthier, happier, more resilient and better able to do their jobs, no matter what happens.

The first cohort of the program starts on Jan 29.

It's also available as a company-specific program that can be delivered over four weeks or condensed into two half-day sessions over two weeks.

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