Talking About Mental Health at Work

As a leader, you know Mental Health impacts how your team shows up at work, and your success as a team.

You know Mental Health is under greater strain these days, so teams need to work together for Mental Health at Work.

But how do you talk about it?

It’s a sensitive topic. If these conversations are new to you or your team, it can be hard.

Here are three tips to guide the conversations.

  1. Be proactive. It’s tempting to wait, but as a leader, you need to make the first step. Make time to talk 1:1, and give them time to think about what’s working and where they need support.
  2. Build Trust. Spend more time listening than talking. Keep these talks confidential. Be honest about how you’re doing.
  3. Share resources. A team member who is struggling might not be ready to talk about it. Let them know the supports available through benefits and Employee Assistance Plans, and that you’re here if they want to talk.

This is important work.

You don’t have to go it alone.

A Mental Health at Work Strategy will provide you with the roadmap to support your team, customized to where you are today.

Find out more, and download a copy of 5 Tips to Support Mental Health Right Now on my homepage.

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